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This yoga studio opened in March of 2005.



This is a private studio with regularly practicing yogis.

New students will be interviewed through 2020..



There is a $60 sign-up or re-sign fee.

There is no printed or published schedule.

Sliding scale: minimum monthly fee $40

An interview must be held to be considered for membership.


Yoga's philosphy of one-ness is encoded in all policies.


The awakening of the 5 senses is the basis of each class.

Originally a certified Sivananda teacher, Zane has taught between 40 - 80 classes per month since 1997. Transcendental Meditation, Alignment Exercise and Sivananda Yoga are her original formal trainings, though not current teaching styles.  She also completed a 200 hour Iyengar style course taught by Judi Flannery at inner Gate Yoga in the early 2000's. Other styles explored and experienced are Yin Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga.


Her current teaching is mostly hatha and flow styles based on insights from a daily morning practice. 


Zane was voted "Best Yoga Teacher in Ventura County" several times in the VCReporter's reader's poll. Zane has officially asked to be retired from this event and no longer accepts votes yet still enjoys mentioning it.


Personal inspiration and joy is found through artistic concepts, philosophy, meditation, skateboarding, walking in Ojai, making unique lemonades, art and Irish Dance! #lifeisgood